UPDATED: GP Vancouver Raffle

MAJOR UPDATE! Scroll down to the prize list to see the INCREDIBLE new prizes on offer!

For those who don’t know, I am trying to get to GP Vancouver in June. Not to play necessarily, but to judge (if approved). When I got certified as a judge it was mainly to allow me to give back to the community in another way. I can’t travel to overseas GPs so it’s Canada or nothing for me.

As Vancouver is just about as far away from Mount Pearl as it is physically possible to get while remaining in Canada, I need some help. Hopefully you, the MtG community and my friends, can provide that help. Any amount helps, as the target is a large one: $1,000 by the end of May. Can you help? If you want to help me help the community, donations can be sent via PayPal to chris.lansdell@nl.rogers.com . Every $5 you donate gets you 5 entries to the raffle. Donate as little or as much as you can. In the event that more is raised than I need to get me to Vancouver, or that I do not raise enough to get me there, the excess will be contributed to Gamers Helping Gamers, the charity being set up by Jon Finkel and his friends.

Thanks in advance, everyone.

P.S. If you can also donate prizes, email me.

Courtesy of @dayn98, an Unlimited Mox Emerald!!!
Courtesy of Luis “Bardiche” Acosta aka @auranalchemist , a foil Sorin, Lord of Innistrad!!
Courtesy of Jonathan Medina and the fine folk at Legit MtG, a playset of promo Gravecrawlers!!
Courtesy of Amanda Stevens (@sagenosis), a playset of Game Day Promo Strangleroot Geists!
Judge foil Doubling Season
Judge foil Goblin Welder
Courtesy of Jay Boosh, a large selection of foil basic lands
Courtesy of Justin Richardson, a playset of altered Squadron Hawks
Courtesy of Christine Sprankle aka Elspeth, a signed Elspeth Tirel
Courtesy of Don “The Behoover” Wiggins of Don’s Magic and Sundry, a pair of French Renaissance boosters
Courtesy of Limited Gaming, a pair of Planechase Zombie Empire Decks!
Courtesy of Jack LaCroix, a sweet playmat!
Courtesy of Hairy Tarantula in Toronto, a sealed Premium Deck Series: Graveborn!
Courtesy of Derfington, an altered card to be determined!
Courtesy of Andy from CommanderCast, a Savra EDH deck. The WHOLE DECK. There are some pricy cards in this one folks!
Courtesy of Ertai’s Lament, an Innistrad Intro Pack and a draft set of Dark Ascension!
Courtesy of Dave Astels, a framed and signed print of Ashenmoor Gouger by Matt Cavotta!

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  3. Chad says:

    Good luck! I hope you can make it!

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