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    • A Christmas-themed Tournament ReportWritten by Skipper Lufkin, L2 from Maryland. Twas the night before Grand Prix and in each judge house There’s a flurry of packing, some starting to grouse. With compression socks, insoles, and tissues and pills, With cough drops and band-aids our cases are filled. The team lead and crew chiefs were ready to scatter When […]Matt B
    • First PPTQ in Maryland!This was originally posted by me on Judge Apps (source). I had the opportunity to head judge the first PPTQ in the state of Maryland yesterday (Saturday the 6th of December) at Beyond Comics in Frederick. I feel that this experience was unique because this was also the first Competitive REL event ever held in […]Matt B
    • Esper Control in StandardPlaying Esper control in Khans of Tarkir Standard, FNM 21st Nov 2014.  Result 2-0-1. MVP The easy choice for MVP in this deck is .  This three mana planeswalker utterly destroys the cost efficient creature aggro decks that are common in standard at the moment.  At worst it is a three card removal spell and 5 […]furgin
    • Announcing Big Changes For MtGOHere at WotC we’ve had a great deal of discussion about MtGO. We have heard your feedback, desires, and concerns. Your feedback has formed the basis of how we will be moving forward with the MTGO client and internal management … Continue reading wrongwaygoback
    • Hello world!Welcome to wrongwaygoback magic the gathering blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!wrongwaygoback
    • Changes to Organised PlayHey, so have you heard? other than the bird being the word the new changes to the organised play has been released on the mothership. if you have read it and you are not upset congratulations on being American. also … Continue reading baxteen1
    • 3D altering: A Quick UpdateFor anyone coming across this blog in search of 3D altering tips, the below articles are a good start but more recently I have been posting to my Facebook page, which I have recently rebanded following my PhD success! In … Continue reading Ed Guise
    • Bruna EDHCommander –druigor
    • Nicol Bolas EDHCommander –  druigor
    • EHMERGERDSTERMWhat’s the worst idea you could have today? Based on the latest statistical analysis of VMA by Matt Watkins it might be “I’m going to draft Storm”. Storm is the most loserly loser of the VMA archetypes with a excessively … Continue reading wrongwaygoback
    • A Modern EraHey guys, Lately I have been playing a lot of standard with a pretty stock blue-white  list. I’ve spent some serious time with the deck and I now have a deeper grasp on several important higher level concepts of the game. First and foremost what type of skill in Magic is transferable and what is […]Keifer
    • MtGO Community Cup Nominees 2014Well it’s that time of year again where WotC asks for nominations for the MtGO Community Cup. Having been on the Community Team I can say that it’s an completely awesome experience. A+++. Would do again. And as a previous … Continue reading wrongwaygoback
    • Thinking Wide And DeepIt’s easy to be mean. I should know, I’ve turned my hand to writing mean things about people and I’ve found it wonderfully easy to do. Turns out it’s a little less easy when you happen to know those people, … Continue reading wrongwaygoback
    • A Small UpdateIt's been a while since my last post, which is becoming somewhat of a habit that I'd like to break. That said, this is only a short post to test out the new app I'm using to blog with, which … Continue reading lil2wkd
    • Money deck?So I got bored, and I decided to crack a bunch of Journey Into Nyx, once that was done. I figure let’s try and build the “best” (used loosely) Mythic/Rare only deck from the pool. Everyone loves rares so this should be a favourite of any player of MTG. Or this is the biggest mockery […]druigor
    • Delayed updates and break from MTGIt’s been a while, work got too busy to write and life got too busy.  So I’ve recently taken some time off of MTG due to what I call an unfortunate God-related incident. Born of the Gods (BNG) draft at my local game store (LGS), I have drafted a solid G/U deck, it has value written all […]druigor
    • #029 – AmigosWelcome to another episode of “Science of Pauper”! This time, unfortunately, I will not cover any Magic related topic. In fact, I am very sad to tell you that I and “Science of Pauper” will go on a indefinite hiatus. … Continue reading highgene
    • #028 – UeB-5_JOUWelcome to another episode of “Science of Pauper”! It is set review time. The last set of the Theros block, Journey into Nyx, will be available soon. This time, I thought that I only mention the more interesting cards rather … Continue reading highgene
    • #026_Time-ParadoxWelcome to another episode of “Science of Pauper”! Today is going to be a premiere in many ways. This weeks episode will be about the player run event (PRE) Pauper Classic Tuesday 5.05 on organized by longtimegone. This is … Continue reading highgene
    • Modern Format Guide SeminarAt the GP Richmond Judge Conference on the 7th of March, I presented a seminar on the Modern format with Eric Dustin Brown (L2 from Richmond). I would like to share the knowledge, and am posting both my presentation (see below) and sample deck lists of every deck covered in the presentation. At the end […]Matt B
    • #025 – plus why(Note: I fixed the links to my deck lists mentioned in the last episode.) Welcome to another episode of Science of Pauper which is the second part of the G Stompy primer! Let’s have a quick look back on the … Continue reading highgene
    • #024 – Creative PercussionWelcome to another episode of “Science of Pauper”! In this week’s episode, I will introduce to you another deck that I consider an evergreen: G Stompy. I had some success with it in both two-mans and Daily Events (the elder … Continue reading highgene
    • Instants in Born of the GodsWith the Born of the Gods Prerelease looming, players are going to have to adapt to an additional set of combat tricks. This article will list and briefly discuss each one. Enjoy! (Sorry that the formatting off, wordpress is a sometimes…) White  Acolyte’s Reward     Acolyte’s Reward is one of the most dangerous instants in […]blindfremen
    • How I Ship Cards via PucaTradeJust wanted to post a quick tutorial of how I send cards. Shout out to @Hackworth on Twitter for coming up with this. First, insert the card into a sleeve upside-down. Attach a piece of tape to the closed part of the sleeve. Insert the card into a toploader with the open part of the […]Matt B
    • Episode #9: The Awards Show with LSV.Its finally here…..The Wizards of OZ 2013 Australian MTG Awards Show featuring many guest including the International Player of the Year, LSV The Wizards of Oz Episode #9 If you won a prize remember to hit us up in our inbox and don’t forget to throw us some cash for postage if you won […]wizardsofoz